Welcome to The Bawdy Bar & Boutique.


Have you ever experienced a product that spoke to all five of your senses?

Do you have dry, sensitive skin and struggle finding a product that suits you? Here at Bawdy Bar & Boutique, you will discover numerous products that not only speak to you, but make you feel like you are getting thee most luxurious treatment of a lifetime...in your own bathroom. Sit back, relax and indulge in your bath time with our products. Our hand picked scents will throw you into a whirlwind of satisfaction...guaranteed! Products that smell so divine, you will want to taste them...( please do not taste them). Let this be your calling.

I am a Licensed Cosmetologist and I equip women who have sensitive, dry skin,  master the art of looking good, feeling good and smelling good. I  provide an array of professional waxing services, luxurious lingerie and handcrafted bath & body products without having to spend a pretty penny.


You have officially been invited to experience not only an exceptional service but exclusive products that will leave you , looking good, feeling good & smelling good.

Bawdy Bar & Boutique only utilizes top of the line ingredients and products for our Handcrafted , Cosmetologist produced Bath & Bawdy Line, Wax Line &  Lingerie Line. We guarantee to give you the best experience you have had thus far.


Sit back, relax & come get Bawdy'd 

by Bawdy Bar & Boutique 

lavendar love soap
Vicky S who?
Mango, Let that Mane GO! Scrub
Signature Bawdy Bar
Peek-a-boo Panties
bubbleh soap
Honey & Oat's Bawdy Bar
Black Seain-Ya Thru
Ode to be Tea
Honey & Oats Bath & Bawdy Truffle