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I don't want to tell you were have the fastest shipping in the world because...well, I don't know that, BUT, what I will tell you is that as soon as I receive an order I'm already packing it up and sending you the tracking number. So, sit back, relax,  no need to track your packages as soon as you click 'confirm order' ( I do this too, judge free zone) because I'm already ahead of you dropping them off at the post office.  Here at Bawdy Bar & Boutique, you can guarantee all your orders will be shipped within a 7 day or less time frame. 

For the majority of our products,  we mainly operate off of flat rate shipping rate, meaning, no matter how many products you order or how much the products you order weigh, the shipping rate will remain the same. Here is a break down of our shipping cost.

  • Products $1-$6: $4 SHIPPING 

  • Products $7-$59: $7.99 SHIPPING 

  • Products $60 & over: FREE SHIPPING

Box Delivery

If you have placed an order and you are trying to track your order, be sure to have your tracking number available and follow this link. If you are unsure of your tracking number, please email us so we may assist you in locating it. 

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